Growing and healing with heart and meaning 

                                                             Welcome and thank you for visiting my website

                                     My name is Clint Steenveld. I am an English-speaking psychologist situated in Amsterdam.

In helping you, I connect with you in a heartfelt and mindful manner. I keep my ear close to the ground you are walking on, paying active and empathic attention to you and your story. I guide, support and teach you to navigate through and beyond your difficulties. I help you to deepen your awareness and insight into yourself and your problems, find the clarity you seek and acquire the necessary skills to overcome the difficulties you face.

Each person needs something special and uniquely different from therapy and my aim is to help you to identify, shape and give voice to, your specific needs. I help you get started, and move further along, the road of fulfilling your needs, desires and dreams. I shall help you build your capacity for healthy, nurturing experiences and relationships in your life - with yourself, with others and with life/the world at large. I strive to help you find peace, harmony, balance and stability again, gently letting go of those parts of yourself and your life no longer serve you and creating space for the new.

I use a carefully selected set of theories and therapeutic and healing approaches to support you in achieving your goals. You will thus receive uniquely tailored support and care determined by your particular set of needs.

The world is truly round and seems to start and end with those we love.

- Nelson Mandela